The South African economy is in unchartered waters. The likely recovery from the triple hits of a national debt downgrade, a pandemic that resulted in a lockdown and a massive stimulus package that will add to the fiscal woes of South Africa, will be slow and difficult.

South African businesses have never faced challenges on this scale. It is not business as usual. Every business is faced with both challenges and opportunities.

Corporate 911 was established in 2012 to assist businesses that are in financial distress. The promulgation of the New companies Act in 2009 formed the basis of the company.

Corporate-911 is uniquely positioned to assist you and your company through these difficult times and provides sound business and legal advice.

Over the last eight years, Corporate 911 has engaged in 16 business rescues as the Principal Practitioner and Implementor of the turnaround plans. In addition, Corporate 911 has performed confidential Independent Business Reviews and special investigations across a wide range of industries.

Corporate 911 specialises in several Industries and economic sectors from manufacturing and retail to media and pharmaceuticals.

Corporate 911 has experienced significant growth over the past five years and has expanded its services to include a wide range of associated advisory services. These include – but are not limited to; 

Corporate Investigations
Due Diligence Investigations
Independent Business Reviews
Managed Wind Downs
Solvency and Liquidity Checks

We also offer advice to affected parties impacted by Business Rescue that impact your supply chain and own business stability.

Corporate 911 has advised Public Companies (listed entities), State Owned Companies and Private Companies.

Our clients typically include;

Boards of Companies


Financial Advisors 






Corporate 911 adheres to all the legal and formal requirements of doing business in South Africa. 

The company prides itself on client confidentiality and conducts its reviews with necessary discretion and adherence to the POPI Act. 

Corporate 911 provides a professional service that will reduce client uncertainty (however it arises) and deliver value for money. Our network partners are all aligned to these values.

Corporate 911’s fees are structured to align with the various State directives on professional services. The company always works on a signed and agreed engagement letter setting out agreed fee and payment parameters.

Corporate 911 is committed to delivering a professional service with the highest ethical standards. The company is governed by both the South African Institute for Chartered Accountants and the Turnaround Management Association of Southern Africa (TMA-SA) codes of conduct.

Both codes are considered the most stringent codes within the South African environment and are held in high regards internationally.

Corporate 911 only uses experienced Professional Turnaround Practitioners to lead assignments.

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Corporate 911 has succeeded in difficult assignments and the company has the necessary depth and range of experience that is required to handle complex and large assignments. 


Corporate 911’s network of partners is capable, have the required experience, and can provide key industry insight and experience to deliver on any assignment.